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It takes support to heal. It takes courage to grow.
Karine Bertram


The secret of getting ahead is getting started
MarK Twain


Big journeys begin with small steps
Lao Tzu


The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence
Roy T Bennet


Once you become fearless life becomes limitless
Nishant Patel, Mit Bhat


Great things never come from comfort zones
Ben Francia


Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting
you closer to where you want to be
Paulo Coelho

Counseling to define new roles while expecting a baby

Welcoming a new addition to the family is a momentous occasion filled with boundless joy and a profound sense of purpose. Yet, amidst the euphoria, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this transition also brings its fair share of challenges and adjustments.

It’s not uncommon for couples to find themselves drifting apart as they navigate the whirlwind of parenthood. Suddenly, there’s a new routine to adapt to, and with it, a host of unforeseen conflicts can emerge. From the sacrifice of personal time alone to the struggle to find moments of connection amidst the chaos, the journey of parenthood can test even the strongest of relationships.

One of the most common sources of tension stems from differing values and approaches to child-rearing. Each partner brings their own upbringing and beliefs to the table, leading to potential clashes in parenting styles and priorities.

However, by proactively preparing for the arrival of a baby, couples can lay the groundwork for a smoother transition into parenthood. Establishing open lines of communication, setting realistic expectations, and creating a shared vision for parenting can help couples navigate the challenges ahead with greater ease and unity.

By addressing potential conflicts and establishing a solid foundation of support and understanding, couples can embark on this new chapter of their lives with confidence and resilience. Together, you can embrace the joys and triumphs of parenthood while weathering the inevitable issues that may come in the way.

Counseling for Expecting a Baby & Parenting
Counseling for Expecting a Baby & Parenting

What to expect from our sessions

We will define together the new rules/ roles/ and duties of the family. These short-term therapy sessions will help the couple to keep realistic expectations and prepare to receive their baby. We will create an agreement in which the couple will find a healthy compromise to continue to share time together as a couple, to maintain intimacy and connectedness, to determine a fair division of chores and be able to set some time aside for self-care. Optionally, the agreement can be written and be taken home to be kept as a future reminder.

I also offer individual Attachment-Based Therapy to help the future mother or father to feel confident in receiving the newborn into the family or to manage a difficult pregnancy. This is a great way to offer the new baby the opportunity to grow in a safe, accepting environment and to become a secure, well-attached adult.